Do You Have Time

It would seem an ill intended and carefully thought out plan has been put into play in all our lives. How is it we never have time to do the things we want and when we do have the time, we find ourselves exhausted, plopped down on our sofas, distracted by technology that's so addictive? Nowadays new disorders are diagnosed it seems every day. Distractions! That's what I'm talking about today!

In today's day and age people would say life is more complicated, am I right or wrong? Why? And who's at fault? But Perhaps the question we should be asking is how do we get out of this scheme? Although our lives are full of wants, what do we really need? Well friends, I'm not a doctor but I know a good one and I bet the answer 9 times out of 10 is not one we'd expected. I would like to say that I know of many people who have benefited from the wilderness and that in what would seem despairing solitude have heard a word so powerful that it has changed the course of their lives - because of the stillness and quietness of the wilderness. So my friend, although it may not be our fault we find ourselves busy, it is however our responsibility to make time. A little wilderness can do us good, may I suggest, GET OUTDOORS!!!! Seek quietness and listen to what our hearts need.