Whoopie Sling Hammock Suspension

Hanging (in) your hammock should be fun, exhilarating, and relaxing. There should be a lot of comfort in your time of meditation, sleep, or just lying around. If you have not had a lot of success in loafing about and lounging in your hammock perhaps there is an issue with your suspension. In comes the use of the hammock suspension whoopie sling and ridgeline. Made from 7/64 Amsteel with a breaking strength of 1,600 lbs. a whoopie sling adds the perfect amount of stability to your hammock hang all the while eliminating the additional weight that comes with standard carabiners and rope. Adding a ridgeline roughly 75% - 85% of your hammock length will yield the perfect hang, dip, or drop to your hammock allowing for a comfortable side, face-down or diagonal lay for hours upon end. The ridgeline can be used for running a tarpaulin to shield you from the elements or for hanging a light or anything else lightweight that you need at your fingertips while hammocking. If you want to experience a better time using your hammock consider giving a shot at that comfort to the whoopie sling hammock suspension it will be more than worth your while.