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Our Story

5 friends from church have taken that friendship to the next level thru one common path, the cross of Christ and the beautiful colors of orange, brown, green, blue, yellow, and red that God has planted on His earth.  On June 30, 2017 at Lake Mills Park in Chuluota, FL the first official Goin' Outdoors campout event lead to the birth of what we now know as HBC OUTDOORS LLC.


 What began as a friendly trek into the woods has become the Hammocks, Biking, and Camping company that is here to help you enjoy your outdoors experience.  Rip, Chi-Town, Tight Squeze, Bravo, and Roots, the 5 heartbeats and member managers of the company have been scouring the maps of Central Florida searching for the next area to explore.  


The ultimate goal is to get you in position to have fun, enjoy all that nature has to offer, and learn to equip yourself with the essential gear to make your time and fun in the sun worth the while.  From hiking 1 to 5 miles thru the preserve, into the deep woods to a primitive campsite, biking on the paved streets of the city or thru the dirt roads of the trailhead, to sleeping out under the stars in tents and Hammocks, HBC OUTDOORS wants you prepared and ready to explore your outdoor surroundings to make memories that will last a lifetime.  


As a company we want to put our customers in position with special events for using Hammocks, riding Bikes, or Camping out in the wilderness.  We currently have a lineup of gear and apparel with our signature DNA ring logo, stand alone hammock logo, and many of the slogans that we stand on and live our Hammocks, Biking, and Camping lives by.  Please browse our website, cycle thru our product line, and continue to check back for the updated blog, content, articles, and videos to provide you with all of the necessary information to get you moving and enjoying the great outdoors!


The DNA of the HBC is GOD!!!!!

Giving Back
Giving Back

Given the current state of our nation due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk hosted by the American Cancer Society has been cancelled. As a company that is determined to continue to fight this disease that has affected and taken so many lives we wanted to show our unending support in a fun and exciting way. October 2020 will be known as Helping Battle Cancer Outdoors and we have a goal of collectively taking 1 Million steps in the right direction. 


We want to get you involved and are asking your support and participation as we work on our own 5K social distancing your-time walk with HBC! Stay tuned for additional details as we will create a team challenge style event where you can walk at your own pace and track your steps on your own time. 


You can also participate through giving and helping us to push the mission forward as we will be in position to cover co-payments, mammogram screenings, other medical tests, travel to and from appointments, and help support various other cancer organizations.

You can pre-order your Covid Can’t Stop Our Stride T-shirt which goes on sale today in pink, white, or black with various logo color options. Shirts will begin shipping on September 14, 2020.


Covid has already shut down so many things let’s not let it STOP OUR STRIDE!

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